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Poetry is the fire that can’t be extinguished

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two lost souls
touching each other
in the dark
of the night
only to discover
they are more
alike than unalike
but where to begin
or how to explain
finding each other
from such opposite

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Future past

The day we met
we looked at each other
like nothing needed
to be said

As if we already knew
this was gonna happen
we sat on a bench
observing the city as she was

People walking on the sidewalks
the cars in the street
everybody and everything so busy
as if they could make a difference

While we only looked
at each other
from time
to time

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i feel lonely in her silence
not even sure
if it’s my own
or if it belongs to her

i’ve been writing and writing
poem after poem
hoping maybe
she would find her way home

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I hide myself
within these walls of poetry
during the light of day
to see me
read me
my words remain

I will then wait for you
until night
when all words unspoken
are free to be voiced
in darkness unleashed
glowing like fireflies
in the tender embrace of moonlight

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With a sea between you and me

Lonely soul
forgot her way home
I can see it in her eyes
and understand why she cries

A poetess wandering along the shores
of the lost beach
following the footsteps
of the one she was suppose to meet
a horizon made of memories
out of reach

I sense her soul
like it was
my own
recognizing her voice
in the dark of night
when we’re both

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About me

I’m a slow reader
and that sucks
when I’m on tumblr
because there’s so much

but I’m also a dedicated reader
I never give up

and if you’re wondering why
I don’t like your poems straight away
it’s because I’m a few days behind
on my dash

but don’t worry
I always catch up

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