Cornelis Rage

Poetry is the fire that can’t be extinguished

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the soft need
of being complete
instilled hunger
that burns up my heart
a longing
of never having enough
all things i feel
in your display for me
a woman
shy girl and shameless whore
all in one
powerful in a single thought
to take me down
in my desire to give myself
for only the one
i love

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Anonymous asked: I will surrender... Mercilessly.

Oh the things I wanna do with you, I want to do the whole ABC with you.

A is for atoning your sins, as in playing with your self without my permission.

B is for binding your wrists together on your back, as in punishment, because you’ve been such a naughty girl.

And of course,…
C is for cullingus, the most delicious torture you’ll ever receive.

And these are only the first three letters of the alphabet.

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i want to slip into your bed
cuddle against your back
and whisper in your ear
— i want to be with you
within your warmth
offer you what you need
if it’s a simple hug
or a gentle kiss
on your neck
or perhaps it’s your desire
for me to bite you
on your shoulder
or perhaps it’s your wish
to beg
or to command me
to obey
simply allow me to speak
— my affection is true
this feeling of love
burning in my heart
it’s all i want to share
with you

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Anonymous asked: I'd like to find you. Or you find me. Then have you whisper your beautifully artistic, lust filled words into the nape of my neck. Seductively. While I attempt to control myself...or not.

leave your window open
i may pay you a visit
if you
invite me in

we can play chess
i’ll show you my defence gambit
a gentle gesture of an open hand
for you to surrender

into my arms

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like a bloodstain
on a white wedding dress

like the moon that got to live
another day
in sin
while the night wasn’t far away

like the lovely ripened voluptuous fruit
hanging so low
it was way beyond shameful

i know you are thirsty
like a mirror soul reflecting herself
upon me

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